Industria Dance Centre Dancers

Our Classes

Baby Steps Ballet (Age 2)

Dance alongside your child in this introduction to movement class.

Preschool Ballet (Age 3)

Creative movement, rhythm games, action songs and an introduction to ballet helps your child fall in love with dance.

Kinder Ballet (Age 4)

A step up from the preschool program that will further your child’s knowledge of basic ballet involving props, rhythm games, actions songs and more.

Tap/Ballet/Jazz (Ages 5 & 6)

A combination class introducing your child to ballet, jazz and tap including free dance with props.

Ballet (Ages 5 & up)

Grace and poise taught professionally. I.S.T.D. Accredited.

Jazz (Ages 6 & Up)

Style, energy, rhythm and technique combine to create this exciting form of dance.

Tap (Ages 6 & Up)

Rhythmic sounds created by intricate footwork make this style an enjoyable challenge for your child.

Hip Hop (Ages 7 & Up)

A popular and energetic style brought from Hollywood, danced to popular music combined with current fashion trends.

Lyrical (Ages 7 & Up)

Combines jazz and ballet elements to create expressive movement inspired and derived from the music it is danced to.

Modern (Ages 7 & Up)

Focuses more on individual expression through movement than academic forms like ballet.

Musical Theatre (Ages 7 & Up)

Sing, act and dance to all of your favourite musicals. Gain confidence and practice expression through different activities.

Mini Boppers (Ages 4 to 6)

Find your move and groove in this intro to hip hop class.